Home ownership leads to

Whether you're buying, selling, or both - we'll provide you with the tools and roadmap to navigate your real estate journey with confidence and ease.

Home ownership
leads to

Whether you're buying, selling or both - we'll provide you with the tools and roadmap to navigate your real estate journey with confidence and ease.

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It's never been easier to apply online and tailor a mortgage to your needs.
Shopping for Homes
Shop with confidence, get pre-approved before looking at homes. It's simple.
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Dive into our Loan Resources page to better understand the home buying journey.

🏡Thinking about buying?

Every year, countless individuals wonder if they're truly prepared to make one of the biggest decisions of their lives: buying a home. Whether it's understanding finances, recognizing the right time, or just plain readiness, many factors contribute to this pivotal choice.

Why leave it to guesswork? There are 3 easy steps to buying a home. 1) Get pre-approved for the mortgage 2) Team up with a knowledgeable real estate agent 3) Shop for homes. Dive into our one-minute quiz to uncover where you stand in the world of homeownership. Take a step closer to making an informed decision.

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Ready to buy?

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Considering Your Next Home?

Learn why getting pre-approved is a critical first step. 

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Buying a home is an exciting milestone, and we're here to guide you through the process.

From understanding the home buying process to exploring mortgage options, our experts will provide the support you need.


We offer a range of exclusive programs designed to enhance your experience, such as Lock, Shop, & Home, XLR8, and Homebuyer Advantage.


Our team will help you calculate your budget, assess affordability, and choose the mortgage solution that's tailored to your unique scenario. We're here to assist you in navigating negotiations, inspections, and closing.

Reach out to our knowledgeable Mortgage Consultants for personalized guidance. Start your journey to homeownership today!

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Searching For
The Perfect Home?

In today's competitive market, it's more than just finding a dream house; it's about partnering with the right team to make sure your offer stands out.

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Our expert Mortgage Consultants are here for you. Together with your real estate agent, we'll fortify your home-buying team.


No agent yet? No worries. As a part of Home Services of America, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate, we're tapped into the nation's largest real estate network. We can introduce you to an experienced local agent who truly understands your market.


Navigate the buying process with us. We'll help you weigh mortgage options, set your budget, and leverage specialized programs like Lock, Shop, & Home, XLR8, and Homebuyer Advantage to maximize your edge.


Ready to take the leap? Reach out now. Even in a fierce market, we're committed to turning your homeownership dream into reality.

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Why Choose Prosperity?

While there are many lenders out there, we set ourselves apart. We offer distinctive solutions that provide our clients with a competitive edge in the market.

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There are countless reasons why clients opt for Prosperity Home Mortgage, and our exclusive appraisal panel stands tall among them.  Our integrated appraisal panel is not just a feature but a testament to our commitment to excellence.


  • Speed is our Essence: Our streamlined appraisal process ensures you don't have to wait unnecessarily. When every moment counts, especially in competitive markets, we're a step ahead.

  • Consistent and Fair Valuations: Thanks to our in-house standards, you can expect dependable appraisals that reflect the true value of properties.

  • Seamless Communication: No more middlemen. Address your concerns directly and efficiently with our in-house team.

  • Local Market Expertise: Our appraisers are attuned to the nuances of local markets, guaranteeing precise property assessments.

  • An Unwavering Commitment to Quality: Upholding the highest industry standards, our appraisers embody professionalism and expertise.

With Prosperity, you're not just choosing a lender; you're opting for an enhanced, efficient, and empowered home-buying journey. Let's redefine your homeownership experience together.

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We're Your Partner on the Path to Prosperity.

Mortgages are a complex business. That's why we make them OUR business and guide you through your mortgage journey as simply and smoothly as possible.

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Check Your Eligibility

Take a moment to complete our prequalification form. It helps us assess your eligibility and move forward with the best options for you.

Tell Us About Your Scenario

We'd love to get to know you better! Share some information about yourself and your home buying goals. This way, we can tailor our solutions to fit your needs perfectly.

We Review Your Credit

When it comes to making a serious impression on sellers, accurate numbers matter. Your credit score is an important factor in the approval process, so let's take a look and ensure everything is on track.

Find Out How Much You Can Afford

Let's talk numbers! Share details about your income, monthly bills, and savings for a home purchase. With this information, we'll calculate the maximum home price that fits comfortably within your budget.

Customize Your Offer

Flexibility is key! Customize your approval letter to reflect an offer that's less than your maximum approved amount. This way, sellers won't be aware of your full budget if you choose to negotiate.

Closing With Confidence

The most exciting part is just around the corner! We're here to guide you through the closing process smoothly and swiftly, ensuring no surprises along the way. Get ready to celebrate in your new home!

Loan scenarios are simulated. Sequence shortened. Conditions apply. Not all borrowers will qualify.