Market Update - March 8, 2024

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Market Commentary:

For the week of Mar 1st – Mar 7th, 30-year and 15-year interest rates decreased slightly.

“Evidence that purchase demand remains sensitive to interest rate changes was on display this week, as applications rose for the first time in six weeks in response to lower rates,” said Sam Khater, Freddie Mac’s Chief Economist.

How a decrease in 1% in interest rate affects housing affordability:

Regarding housing affordability per J.P. Morgan Wealth Management: The United States hasn’t plunged into a recession. Despite more than a year of high interest rates, the economy has shown resilience beyond most economists’ predictions.

The Federal Reserve (Fed) still hasn’t beaten down inflation completely, and the economy’s strength could be more long-term than a phase of the economic cycle.

U.S. home prices are currently at all-time highs, and less affordable (relative to income and mortgage rates) than at the height of the 2006 housing bubble. That’s after prices skyrocketed by about 40% during the pandemic.

The takeaway: If you are looking to buy a house in the United States, don’t wait for – or expect – a home price crash. J.P. Morgan Wealth Management does not foresee one coming (thankfully), nor do they think one is necessary to restore affordability at the national level. They think time and continued robust income growth can cure the problem on their own.

Based on current trends, housing affordability could be restored in 3.5 years:

Paths to restored affordability differ by city - Cities’ paths to housing affordability range from zero to 10+ years

Fed Watch:

Looking ahead, all eyes are now on the upcoming March 20th, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting. According to the CME Group, 0.00% of forecasters predict an increase in interest rates, while 97% predict rates will remain the same. 3% of forecasters expect rates to decrease.

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Market Review:

Per Black Knight's Production Metrics, the breakdown of mortgage production volume is as follows: 80.84% for purchase transactions, 15.54% for cash-out refinances, and 3.62% for rate and term refinances.

Per Black Knight 50.64% of all Retail loan production were Government Loans (FHA, VA, USDA), while 49.36% were Conventional and Non-Conforming loans.

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